photo-2I’ve been there, you know that place where you eat white bread with tons of mayo and salami on top.
Where you smoke your first cigarette before drinking your morning coffee or when exercising is walking to the car.

Food is a journey, no other than you can determine what works for you, how your body reacts to certain foods, to certain exercises. I won’t tell you to become a raw vegan (been there done that, no) or to become a vegetarian, or to dismiss gluten or dairy.

I invite you to see what foods worked for me and might work for you.My journey started four years ago with a green smoothie. This evolved in being more aware of the foods I ate to eventually cutting our red meat and dairy and later also white meat and gluten.

What the hell is left you ask?

I would lie if I’d tell you that you won’t miss anything! You will, you will crave these delicious fried chicken wings, that burger, that coffee latte in the morning, it’s gonna suck, you are going to be struggling, you are going to be cheating and that’s OK. Because at the end of the day, you will feel better, look way better (not even kidding), sleep better and your sense of being will be changed forever.

I love fish (wild caught of course), eggs (pasteurized and organic), potatoes with a nice gravy, pizza and all that stuff I loved before. My recipes are the ones of someone who used to eat all these meaty comfort foods, so I won’t settle for some dry broccoli with sunflower seeds.

My diet is plant based with lots of fish and eggs! It is completely gluten-free, dairy-free and meat-free but I won’t judge if you modify it to your liking (OK maybe a little bit).

Not quite so interesting for the majority but I am homozygous for mthfr 667. My recipes help me to detox faster and provide my body with the necessary nutrition. So follow me or like me for detox ideas my fellow mthfr’s!”

photoPhotos by kylewilcher.com


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