The amazing benefits of raw Sauerkraut / Die unglaublichen Vorteile des rohen Sauerkrautes

Sauerkraut in bowl
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Benefits of raw Sauerkraut

There is not one day where I am not consuming raw sauerkraut. I love it! Now I know you might think: ‘Eww, no way!” But I am telling you, I LOVE IT!;) I am not the only one either, my husband likes it too… When I tell people that I do not consume any dairy, the first question is: “Where do you get your calcium from?” and “Where do you get your probiotics from?” → Read more about calcium in dairy here A lot of you guys are confused about probiotics and most likely buy one of these yogurts stating ‘Probiotic’ and think that’s it. But what are probiotics? Continue reading

Healthy living in the US

California, a health paradise!

I did a very similar article with Swiss products a couple of weeks ago, it only makes sense to do the same for the country I live in!

In diesem englischen Artikel geht es um amerikanische Produkte und deshalb gibt es den auch nur in englischer Sprache. Nächste Woche gibt es den Blog dann wieder auf beide Sprachen. Vielen Dank für Dein Verständnis!

Eating the right, healthy products is crucial in a clean lifestyle! It can be so confusing to actually choose something that is good for you. Just because it says it on the package, it doesn’t mean it’s true!

Let’s get started with my most used products there are!

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Superfood Smoothie

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Superfood, what is that?

We didn’t have a smoothie for a while and because of that I decided to serve you a real superfood treat this week!

I get a lot of questions about superfoods lately, be assured that I try to incorporate superfoods into all my recipes. The term ‘superfood’ however is a made up term by the marketing industry and it seems as though a lot of foods are being considered a superfood by now. In my book a superfood is mostly raw but more importantly vegan. If I get asked the foods coming to my mind are:

 Spirulina and Chlorella
Quinoa and Amaranth
Chia, Flax and Hemp seed
 Goji Berries
 Raw Sauerkraut
 Raw Cacao
 Beet greens, leaf lettuce, spinach, kale
 Broccoli, brussel sprouts

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Get clean or die trying!

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What is a clean lifestyle?

It has been four weeks of sport, detox and yummy but healthy recipes! I hope some of my ideas inspired you to take a step towards a healthier you!

I get a lot of questions from you about how much you need to workout, how clean you have to eat and so on. I know it is hard in the beginning, everything is new, Quinoa, Chia seeds, Coconut water… All these things seem foreign to some of you.

Clean eating
I do eat very clean, no meat, no gluten, no dairy and I try to keep processed foods to an absolute minimum. If I do consume processed foods, I make sure they are ‘healthy’. My favorite processed foods that I consume on a regular basis are:

 Canyon Gluten Free Breads
 XOXO Dark Chocolate (guilty pleasure)
 Lundberg Brown Rice Pasta
 So Delicious ice cream and yogurts (guilty pleasure)

That’s basically it, the rest I cook and bake myself and that’s my first rule: Eat anything you want. just cook it yourself!

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Epsom Salt Bath / Epsom Salz Bad

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My friends are going to think: “Here she goes, Marisa and her Epsom Salt!” and they are right. I am utterly obsessed with Epsom Salt! It got to the point where people tell me about a physical problem and the first thing I ask is : “Have you tried Epsom Salt yet?” Most likely I will become one of these old women with a spray of Epsom Salt in her hands.

What is Epsom Salt?
Epsom Salt is Magnesium Sulfate “… an inorganic salt containing magnesiumsulfur and oxygen.” Epsom Salt takes it’s name from the bitter saline spring in Epsom in Surrey, England.(wiki)

Magnesium Sulfate is known in medical terms to treat Preeclampsia, Asthma, acts as an Laxative, Cardiac Arrests and many more. (1, 23)

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Overnight Oats in a Jar / Overnight Oats im Glas

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As easy as 123

If you are not familiar with Overnight Oats, then this article will simplify your breakfast life, I promise! 

This is such an easy, healthy and delicious breakfast that does not include cooking or washing dishes except for one jar!

Personally I prepare this jar of deliciousness the night before and I grab it form the fridge the next morning.
This is a very filling breakfast so I usually enjoy it half an hour after my green smoothie and after an exhausting workout.

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What is Spinning? Was ist Spinning?

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Spin that bike!

The first time I ever participated in a spin class was about 2 years ago and I seriously thought that this was my final hour! I was breathing so heavily that my heart skipped some beats!

To this day, two years later, my heart still skips some beats and my face turns purple on a regular basis! Why am I doing this to myself you ask? Well, because it’s by far the best and hardest cardio for my body!

I know I shouldn’t turn purple, but what can I say? I like to push it 🙂

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