Gluten -and dairy free potato salad / Milch -und Glutenfreier Kartoffelsalat

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Merry Christmas my beloved reader! 

It’s Christmas and here in Europe our festivities start in the late afternoon of the 24th of December.
We gather usually with my family on the 24th and with my hubbies family on the 25th. My family is loud and big and the true meaning of Christmas usually gets totally lost and my hubbies family Christmas is small, calm and thoughtful. Both are lovely and both have delicious foods.

Traditionally, with my family we eat a fondue chinoise. This is a veggie or meat broth in a little pan on the table and everyone puts a little fork with meat on it in there. On the side we serve rice and fries and a ton of different sauces. Well, this is for my meat eater family, not for me 🙂 I will be eating a steamed salmon fillet with some fries (it’s christmas after all) and salad. I will be responsible for the desert and I will be serving my gluten and dairy free bread pudding for everyone.

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Healthy and delicious Granola! Gesundes, leckeres Müesli!

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It’s Granola Time!

I love Granola or as I call it ‘Muesli!’ There are so many possibilities starting with overnight oats, granola bars, cookies and just simple granola with some nut milk in the morning! It’s always filling, healthy and delicious!

Unfortunately store bought Granola is usually full of sugar and quite expensive! I am not even going to talk about Kellogg’s and all the fellow kind of cereals.

All I am saying is: Stay the hell away from it!»

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Are scented candles poisonous? Sind Duftkerzen giftig?


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Scented candles 

Oh, I know! You don’t want to hear about it, right? First she is telling me about all the things I shouldn’t eat anymore and now candles!

I promise you I am not one of those, and I myself love nice smells and candles! Especially in this cozy winter time we have scented candles everywhere we go, but have you ever thought about where this smell comes from and where it goes?

Let’s take a look at a simple IKEA candle who is made from paraffin/vegetable wax. (1) This paraffin wax does release an alarming amount of chemicals comparable to cigaret smoke who can cause serious respiratory issues like asthma. Ikea unfortunately does not provide further information about the scent and wicks.

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Raw Chocolate Truffles / Rohe Kakao Trüffel


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Winter Time 

Christmas is by far my favorite time of the year! I love candles, white blankets, hot teas, lights everywhere and the faces of my little brothers light up when they get their longed for Christmas present!

The holidays are also the time of enjoying each other. We get to see our loved ones and share delicious meals together. It seams also that wherever I go, there are some delicious cookies waiting for me.
Once in a while I can’t say no, I mean, how do you explain to your 95 year old grandmother that you don’t eat gluten or dairy? The pimple the next day is worth her happy face, feel free to pick your battles.  

I eat the following chocolate truffle all year long, I noticed that if I satisfy my sweet tooth, I will be able to skip the cookies and sweets during the day.

These chocolate truffle are amazing. They taste like a treat but are seriously good for you! When does that ever happen? 

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Bread Pudding / Brotpudding

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A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure to host a very good friend mine, Chantal. She follows a traditional meat, gluten and dairy diet and having her here was not only a pleasure because she is one of my dearest friends, having meat-, gluten-, dairy-eaters in my house is something I really appreciate!

It makes me rethink recipes as I want to make sure they like what I cook, but also what I cook has to fit my understanding of healthy eating. There is seldom something more fulfilling than baking or cooking a completely dairy-, gluten- and refined sugar-free dish for someone who is not used to this kind of lifestyle and seeing them loving it!

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