Overnight Oats in a Jar / Overnight Oats im Glas

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As easy as 123

If you are not familiar with Overnight Oats, then this article will simplify your breakfast life, I promise! 

This is such an easy, healthy and delicious breakfast that does not include cooking or washing dishes except for one jar!

Personally I prepare this jar of deliciousness the night before and I grab it form the fridge the next morning.
This is a very filling breakfast so I usually enjoy it half an hour after my green smoothie and after an exhausting workout.

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What is Spinning? Was ist Spinning?

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Spin that bike!

The first time I ever participated in a spin class was about 2 years ago and I seriously thought that this was my final hour! I was breathing so heavily that my heart skipped some beats!

To this day, two years later, my heart still skips some beats and my face turns purple on a regular basis! Why am I doing this to myself you ask? Well, because it’s by far the best and hardest cardio for my body!

I know I shouldn’t turn purple, but what can I say? I like to push it 🙂

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Berries with Coconut Whipped Cream / Beeren mit Kokosnuss Schlagrahm

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Oh my Coconut Whipped Cream!

I am so happy to share this dessert with you! If you are anything like me, you dig some good whipped cream! I have been doing the whipped cream this way for a while now, but after posting a smoothie picture on Facebook last week, I realized that some of you never heard about this kind of whipped cream! 

Controversy around Coconut Milk
There is a bit of a controversy around coconut milk! Some scientist say it lowers cholesterol and some are not so convinced. Coconut Milk has however for sure zero Cholesterol compared to cow milk. The ‘problem’ lays in the saturated fats of coconut milk, we talked about saturated fats a while back. Saturated fats are a rich source of medium-chain fatty acids (short MCT’s). MCT’s are well soluble in water. From the start they are basically on a fast track to your liver where they are transformed into energy for your brain, heart and liver also known as ketone bodies.
Although Coconut Milk is high in (saturated) fat, it’s very well absorbed by your body.

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Benefits of Swimming / Vorteile des Schwimmens

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All about swimming and my Interview with Coach Laura Schuster

Swimming, my first love and probably my last one too. My parents would joke that I swam before I walked and that my shoulders were bigger than my dads at times. Yes those shoulders! Let me tell you! Being a teenage girl is not as easy but being a teenage girl with braces, bangs and huge swimmer shoulders is a real first-world-problem-disaster!

For years I had a love/hate relationship with my body! I was strong, I was healthy but I was muscular and kind of bulky. Swimming competitively for years, especially while growing up, does that. On the flip side, however, never in my life have I had back problems, all my joints are in perfect shape and even after years of smoking my lung capacity is awesome (that doesn’t mean you should be smoking and swimming). 🙂

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What is Quinoa? / Was ist Quinoa?

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There is not one week without me eating Quinoa. It’s not like I love the taste so much but I truly love what it does to my body!

Quinoa is a crop harvested in South America and is considered a superfood and 2013 was officially voted “International Year of Quinoa” by the United Nations General Assembly.
Because of all the amazing health benefits the NASA is considering the crop for long-duration human occupied space flights and every single dietitians or nutrition scientists I know, is raving about it! (1)

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About TRX / Was ist TRX?

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I used to be one of these judgers, you know the one watching people hanging from these straps and thinking: “Well, this can’t be that hard!”
After all I was in shape, I swam, I ran and I lifted some weights, so I figured I am going to try this, looks more fun than actual work!

Boy was I wrong!! The first time I ever did TRX was in a 45 min class, after that I wasn’t able to properly sit on a toilet seat for three straight days. My but muscles where so weak after this workout that I had to grab the wall next to the toilet to sit down and get back up. I know this might be TMI for some of you but I wanted to get my point across! 🙂 Continue reading

Hangover Smoothie

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Happy new year my lovely detoxers! 

Today I have something very special for you. While you are partying the night away I am actually figuring out a way for you and your body to recover from a night out sooner.

We all have these nights. You had a great party, danced the night away like there was no tomorrow and the next day, well, surprise there is a morning! Headache, dizziness, diarrhea and possible nausea are just some of the symptoms of a hangover. 

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