Milk! Blessing or Curse?

Dairy products
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I grew up in Switzerland, a beautiful little country with powerful mountains, clean lakes, green forests and a whole lot of cows. Yes cows, most of them have names like “Liselotte” or “Klara” and we take great pride in them.

Where there are cows, however, the milk can’t be far and so it’s no coincidence that our national dish is Fondue.

In fact we love dairy so much, we consume about 828 pounds per person, per year. I couldn’t believe it myself! Compared to the USA with only 220 pounds, we are basically drowning in it!»

I spent hours researching the dairy industry, I wanted to discover the facts for myself . What I found was not only utterly shocking, it was unbelievably sad.

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Benefits of pastured eggs


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Why pastured eggs?

This topic is close to my heart. After all we eat about 250 shell eggs per year!¹

I was grocery shopping last week and while I was waiting for my fish to be packed,  I noticed a lady in front of the egg shelves. She grabbed one box of eggs after another and had this very confused look on her face.

I felt for her, she seemed so overwhelmed and yet so concerned about buying the right kind of chicken eggs. I went up to her and offered my help.

What I explained to her was the following:
If you want the perfect little chicken eggs, from happy healthy hens you need pastured, certified organic and Certified Humane approved eggs..


Eggs Info

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