Vegan Shepherd’s Pie / Veganer Shepherd’s Pie

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Before winter is over…

As you know my love for comforting dishes is endless and so I figured I have to serve you my favorite vegan and gluten free recipe before winter is over.

Originally the British shepherd’s pie is made with ground beef but I figured there must be a way to make this healthy and delicious! The flavors of this recipe are amazing, personally I cook this in a big cast iron pan but I am sure the recipe works with a normal pan as well.

Serve it either in four single serve baking dishes or bake it in one big baking dish. I like to use the single serve dishes just presentation wise. I arrange them on a big wooden tray with a small side salad. Guests love it!

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Superfood Smoothie

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Superfood, what is that?

We didn’t have a smoothie for a while and because of that I decided to serve you a real superfood treat this week!

I get a lot of questions about superfoods lately, be assured that I try to incorporate superfoods into all my recipes. The term ‘superfood’ however is a made up term by the marketing industry and it seems as though a lot of foods are being considered a superfood by now. In my book a superfood is mostly raw but more importantly vegan. If I get asked the foods coming to my mind are:

 Spirulina and Chlorella
Quinoa and Amaranth
Chia, Flax and Hemp seed
 Goji Berries
 Raw Sauerkraut
 Raw Cacao
 Beet greens, leaf lettuce, spinach, kale
 Broccoli, brussel sprouts

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Get clean or die trying!

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What is a clean lifestyle?

It has been four weeks of sport, detox and yummy but healthy recipes! I hope some of my ideas inspired you to take a step towards a healthier you!

I get a lot of questions from you about how much you need to workout, how clean you have to eat and so on. I know it is hard in the beginning, everything is new, Quinoa, Chia seeds, Coconut water… All these things seem foreign to some of you.

Clean eating
I do eat very clean, no meat, no gluten, no dairy and I try to keep processed foods to an absolute minimum. If I do consume processed foods, I make sure they are ‘healthy’. My favorite processed foods that I consume on a regular basis are:

 Canyon Gluten Free Breads
 XOXO Dark Chocolate (guilty pleasure)
 Lundberg Brown Rice Pasta
 So Delicious ice cream and yogurts (guilty pleasure)

That’s basically it, the rest I cook and bake myself and that’s my first rule: Eat anything you want. just cook it yourself!

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Overnight Oats in a Jar / Overnight Oats im Glas

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As easy as 123

If you are not familiar with Overnight Oats, then this article will simplify your breakfast life, I promise! 

This is such an easy, healthy and delicious breakfast that does not include cooking or washing dishes except for one jar!

Personally I prepare this jar of deliciousness the night before and I grab it form the fridge the next morning.
This is a very filling breakfast so I usually enjoy it half an hour after my green smoothie and after an exhausting workout.

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Hangover Smoothie

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Happy new year my lovely detoxers! 

Today I have something very special for you. While you are partying the night away I am actually figuring out a way for you and your body to recover from a night out sooner.

We all have these nights. You had a great party, danced the night away like there was no tomorrow and the next day, well, surprise there is a morning! Headache, dizziness, diarrhea and possible nausea are just some of the symptoms of a hangover. 

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Stuffed Seabass / Gefüllter Wolfsbarsch

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Happy Thanksgiving

I explained my love for thanksgiving in a previous post and the reasons why I don’t take on a big turkey bird. 

On a sunny afternoon I enjoyed some raw oysters at the Lark Creek Blue restaurant in San Jose, CA. After glancing over the menu I noticed a stuffed Branzino. This sounded just so good, I had to try it! Continue reading