GMOs and why we should avoid them / GVOs und weshalb wir darauf verzichten sollten

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Before I moved to the US, I knew nothing about GMOs.
Coming from Switzerland I could afford not to worry about it. My non GMO life changed however, when I first saw the movie Food Inc.

What are GMOs?

A genetically modified organism (GMO) is any organism whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering techniques (wiki).»

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Benefits of pastured eggs


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Why pastured eggs?

This topic is close to my heart. After all we eat about 250 shell eggs per year!¹

I was grocery shopping last week and while I was waiting for my fish to be packed,  I noticed a lady in front of the egg shelves. She grabbed one box of eggs after another and had this very confused look on her face.

I felt for her, she seemed so overwhelmed and yet so concerned about buying the right kind of chicken eggs. I went up to her and offered my help.

What I explained to her was the following:
If you want the perfect little chicken eggs, from happy healthy hens you need pastured, certified organic and Certified Humane approved eggs..


Eggs Info

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