The amazing benefits of raw Sauerkraut / Die unglaublichen Vorteile des rohen Sauerkrautes

Sauerkraut in bowl
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Benefits of raw Sauerkraut

There is not one day where I am not consuming raw sauerkraut. I love it! Now I know you might think: ‘Eww, no way!” But I am telling you, I LOVE IT!;) I am not the only one either, my husband likes it too… When I tell people that I do not consume any dairy, the first question is: “Where do you get your calcium from?” and “Where do you get your probiotics from?” → Read more about calcium in dairy here A lot of you guys are confused about probiotics and most likely buy one of these yogurts stating ‘Probiotic’ and think that’s it. But what are probiotics? Continue reading